4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Years earlier Marine veteran and former Dallas Police Sergeant Jake Hathaway allowed Federal Government scientists to conduct top secret experiments on his soldiers, and on himself. They were given supplements designed to transform them into ‘Invincible Warriors’. Instead, the formula became tainted by some pesky, infectious prions. The result was a virus that transforms exposed humans, some more gradually than others, into frenzied, flesh-eating, cannibalistic ZOMBIES!!

Jake’s former police partners: Kelvin “Mack” McElroy, a Belgian Malinois K9 named Roscoe, and a petite tattooed blond named Megan Anderson team up with a dwarf named Anthony and some survivalist prepper friends from Mississippi. Their mission: destroy the CREATURES, ensure an end to the ‘Infection Armageddon’, and most importantly- SURVIVE!! To accomplish these goals, their only chance may be to first find their missing friend, Jake Hathaway. As a result of the Marine Corp ‘Zeus Project’, he now possesses super-human abilities. But is the team better off NOT finding Jake? Will they find him to be MAN – or – MONSTER?!