5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

The oligarchs of Venus invented the most lethal weapon in history at the dawn of the 21st century: Ultra Violence. Ultra Brutality converted young men and boys into a new breed of super warriors, following six weeks of chemical brainwashing. With ease, but at an awful price, they killed their enemies. Almost half of the troops went nuts.

They were the Forgotten Generation, abandoned by a government which did not want them anymore. Most of these shattered veterans, prone to sudden outbursts of indiscriminate abuse, were killed or exiled to the Penal Colonies.

Alex was thrown out of society, a brilliant young man made dangerously insane by Ultra Brutality. He lived only because of the generosity of his best friend, Hanson, who, with his mind intact, survived Ultra Crime.

Then came the Collapse of Man: a nuclear war that, on three continents, nearly extinguished mankind. Alex and Hanson carve out a new life on the wastelands of Venus in the aftermath. Most people scrape the best they can; men who succeed are more frightening than the nuclear bombs that killed the old world in that setting.

Besides mere survival, Alex has a fresh mission. He dreams of becoming a king and shaping, in his own picture, a new world. The one-eyed man rules over blind people’s property. Who rules in a land that has gone mad? The maddest guy in all of them.