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The Terran Empire is at war with The Rhimodian cyborgs. The Terrans believe the cyborgs have stolen a system of planets from them. At least, that’s how it started.
It degenerated into hatred and fear.

Galactic Storm Book 1

Veta, AKA The Temptress, a feared spy for the Terran Empire, now protects the Emperor’s two daughters, the only family he acknowledges in the galaxy. The Imperial Princesses are ready to end this war. Like their mother before them, they want to broker peace between the Terran Empire and the Rhimodians.

Peace would save both species.

They arrive with a Rhimodian cyborg escort and get attacked.

Now Veta, unsure of where the rest of the ambassadors escaped to, must find the princesses and learn who attacked the envoy.

With her enormous cyborg escort, whose body suit shows exactly what kind of physical assets he has, Veta will use all her skills to get this cyborg to trust her.

Some of them, she’ll enjoy.

She’s sure of it.