The Cloud – Escaping Darkness

Science Fiction

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


As the Yellowstone Caldera eventually comes loose of its earthen bonds, exposing thousands of years of pent-up energy in an emergency, a regular study task becomes unthinkable. Since flames and ash eat everything in their route, indications indicate that the catastrophe is not as normal as it looks first…

Barely fleeing the catastrophe in a tiny aircraft leaving Yellowstone airport, Mia discovers her Texas A&M lives transformed upside down as school days and learning turns into a struggle for the very atmosphere she wants to live. While she is trying to assist her fellow villagers, her sister and cousin are being observed over by her relatives on a tiny estate that is rapidly succumbing to the smoke storms.

In this distinctive spin on the old post-apocalyptic tale of Yellowstone, both parties of the community must struggle against person-and nature. Written by ES Richards in combination with #1 post-apocalyptic best-selling writer Mike Kraus, this exciting post-apocalyptic novel presents sensitive, innocent and inexperienced protagonists working alongside the ready and seasoned to get through the end of days. The collection Escaping Darkness will be 6-long books, released at a pace of about one novel per month.