Tales of Ayphae

Science Fiction

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


Flying, spinning, or stomping mushrooms in a rhythm. Flowers in ripples that heat up. A territory where the largest occupation is farming, and celebrities are caterers. Congratulations to Ayphae.

All Ayphae occurrences and personalities discover their starting point here. Joven Marshalltoe, a accountable farmer whose journey he could never have imagined of will bring him locations. The delicate ranger, Nickolar Elegard, whose beliefs will alter his course. And May Evelar, the exuberant research scientist— whose objectives are to uncover more of the mysteries of Ayphae while preserving respect. All three routes are going to meet in moment.

Before or after Ayphae, this collection of brief tales can be read — and although both sit alone, Tales of Ayphae is the sequel to Ayphae.