5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

A secret that is world-changing. Mercenaries of superheroes. Till you crack it, fake it.

In paradise, Gus thought he could relax and level his powers at his leisure, but nothing is ever free. The shields are down no sooner than the island is beset by intruders full of just good intentions. Gus scrambles to hold on to his only shot at making something out of himself, out of his league in every sense of the word. It seems likely to lose everything in spite of everything he has worked for.

Gus ‘not-so-secret lair’s original owners have learned that the Manor is up for grabs. They know only the real secret that it holds; a secret that can alter the destiny of supers everywhere. Thankfully for him this time, Gus isn’t alone. Someone from his pre-super life seemed to be helping him out, but where her loyalties actually lie, the current Supervillain can’t be sure.

Will he finally have his own partner? Or is he fucking cursed to be the sidekick?