5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Praise for Surge Quantum

“New army sf worked meticulously in interesting ways with both physics and history”
—- David Drake Drake
“First book in a new series by Philip Nolen, an epic tour de force that will draw, hold, and envelope you in a tale of Earth’s first star colony; the coming of age of a people.”
Steve Alten, —
The MEG series, NY TImes & international best-selling author.
The time of the fabled First Colonies was here.
They were the first moves of civilization outside the star of our birth.
It was the beginning of a time of great interstellar expansion brought on by the discovery of the universe’s most miniscule particle. It was an era that searched humanity’s soul to almost bring Homo sapiens to an end. Earth’s ancient nations are at war; a conflict originally limited to their home star system. Kraken, the North American Union’s first star colony, finds itself trapped in the midst of the distant war with both sides preying on the lifeblood and exports of the colony by pirating their cargo and forcing their merchant spacers into military service—or simply killing them. Kraken will not exist under assault by the superpowers of Earth and their homeland; unless….