4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)

An unwavering pledge…
Unearths a buried truth…
And alter the path to our future.
The second volume of the NEWDAWN Saga by author and futurist Dr. Dominique Luchart delivers an epic story unequivocally bridging a gap between our world today and tomorrow in an enduring twist.

My name is Tesh. Out of twenty of us, only four are now awake. The others are still buried somewhere inside the mountain. Without them, we do not stand a chance.

Determine to find them, we encroach again deep into the caves. But the warning we received from the entity was clear. Time is running out to find all of them spread across five different Chambers. When it unleashes its power, it will destroy everything. Our only choice is to risk it all.

Despite the odds, and unbeknown to the Center, we infiltrate the space below the facility, and find something else… A structure with an energy signature we have never encountered before.

Can we decipher what it is in time? Can this be the cause for Streak’s disappearance?

When we face it, this new discovery ultimately defines our future.

Newdawn Central, spans multiple lifetimes and crosses into other realms. Fans of Divergent, Hunger Games, Qualify and Red Queen will enjoy Luchart’s intricate world-building and sense of adventure from 2018 to 2098 and beyond. Amidst * “twists and turns, great characters, time and space are moving with speed and grace, wonderful internal, thoughtful dialogue, Dominique pens a fantastical world of too real today and a glimpse of a too real future.” The Newdawn series also explores evolving technologies like genetic engineering, biotechnology, and robotics to showcase how science impacts the human experience.