“I have written one of the finest hard science fiction novels in years. “Boggling mind. The direction you see the universe and nature itself, New Eden will alter.” “Profound. Science fiction for science enthusiasts. “After his mentor’s early suicide, Berkeley physicist Joshua Andrews devoted himself to completing the life work of his teacher: producing enmeshed objects that can interact more quickly than air. When Rachael Miller, a scientific journalist, arrives to meet him at his workshop, they create an amazing finding, one as old as the universe itself.

During the Big Bang’s earliest times, enmeshed atoms were developed that distributed with the development of the cosmos establishing a subatomic interaction network— a network that Joshua and Rachael inadvertently taped into.

This finding lays the couple off on an amazing revelation trip that deeply alters the path of human history and redefines the significance of existence itself. Ultimately, their trip brings them to a remote planet, New Eden, a genetically engineered paradise intended to be humanity’s fresh house.

“Einstein was incorrect. Light is not the simplest stuff in the universe. It is data. And all is data.”