Grant Us Mercy: Installment One: Post-Apocalyptic Survival Fiction

Science Fiction

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


When the world becomes black, they realize that if they can not discover each other, all their training implies nothing.

For Secret Service Agent, Blake Chantry, his primary objective has been to ensure that his superiors thrive in the face of a national disaster. Fulfilling his obligation pales in the midst of adversity when a burning inferno, flying cars, and the start of mob rule separate him from his relatives. In order to meet his spouse and daughter, Blake will halt at nothing.

Kris Chantry’s spouse had ready her for this day, though she never thought it was going to occur. When her vehicle stops and breaks into fire, leaving her and her teenage child struggling through wild fires, highway barriers, and the unfamiliar, she digs deeply, recounts her practice, and does what it takes to live for her child.

Join Blake and Kris on this action-packed beginning in the post-apocalyptic serial novel Grant Us Mercy’s hair-raising voyage. The next chapter releases and continues the Chantrys ‘ survival journeys every three decades.