First Flyght (The Flyght Series Book 1)

Science Fiction

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


She has a better future than the planets. But there’s one betrayal that will change everything… Vivian Kawabata can’t wait to assert her fate. But when the applicant to the household farming empire discovers her bank account blank while searching for costly clothes, she is horrified to find that her own sister has shot her in the stomach socially. The frank and rule-following Vivian may have to violate some intergalactic legislation to be able to restore her legitimate position in the universe.

Vivian carries on two fresh parts after obtaining an ancient boat from her grandmother: a seductive princess gathering qualified men and a hard-necked captain restoring a missed wealth by any needed means. Without the assistance of a contact broker, a beautiful ex-boyfriend, a hacker with a core of gold, and the other prospective associates she encounters along the manner, she would be completely thrown out of her place. Can the old high-society socialite get the cash they need or will their brazen dream contribute to a lethal collision meeting with a company that passes the border of the razor between trade and smuggling?

First Flyght is the first sci-fi inverse harem romance novel in the Flyght series. If you like action-packed space operas and a twist-filled universe, you’re going to enjoy S. The interstellar adventure of J. Pajonas.

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