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The New York Times and bestselling author of #1 Audible.com, Jeremy Robinson, brings readers to a dark and twisted future on a pulse-pounding journey… and makes them laugh.

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1989 Is the Year

Callsign: Dark Horse and his team from the Marine Rapid Reaction Force were sent to retrieve a mysterious artifact near the Soviet-controlled Vostok Station in Antarctica. A war for control of the mysterious device, frozen in the ice, breaks out, facing a team of Ruskie Spetsnaz. But before anyone can demand victory, or the prize, an eruption of white light unintentionally knocks the fighters away and whisks them away to…

In 2989.

Later, one thousand years. Dark Horse, along with Chuy, his teammate, and Drago, one of the Soviets, finds himself in an amazing and horrifying future. Under the flag of The Union, a white nationalist government that racially ‘purified’ the human race hundreds of years in the past, mankind has left Earth behind and is increasingly spreading around the galaxy.

Living on the outskirts of this warped Fourth Reich society, Dark Horse, the only black man in the Union, commands a ship and under the guise of an Exo-Hunter, scours the galaxy for his lost teammates, looking for exo-planets to fulfill the Union’s need for colonization. His quest brings him beyond the edge of the known universe and into an interplanetary war, led by a vast intelligence waiting a thousand years for the arrival of the Dark Horse.

EXO-HUNTER is a light-hearted tribute to science fiction films from the 1980s that also explores the pitfalls of white supremacy and the fundamental principles that make it dangerous. He is joined in the audiobook version by #1 Audible bestselling narrator, R.C. Bray, offering the most compelling—and most enjoyable—thing to come out of 2020 to readers.