Echoes of War: Book One in the Echoes Trilogy

Science Fiction

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


Decades of conflict begun by an alien genocidal group risks the presence of any person or alien opposing their law on Earth. Dani continues by scavenging enough resources to reside another day while escaping local Wardens, both army and human-hunting. But then she discovers she’s member of Echoes ‘ almost extinct animal race — not the person she’s always believed to be — and unexpectedly nothing seems certain in her lives.

After discovering her alien roots, Dani risks her well-being to save a boy from becoming a slave— a move that only serves to make her already-tenuous existence on the fringes of Maine’s society even more unstable, and that forces her to revisit events and people she can’t remember from previous life. Dani thinks that the only route to overcome the Wardens is to combine the army and citizens of the Commonwealth, and she is determined to perform her role in this fight. Her efforts to alter the dark world faced by animals and Echoes residing under the Wardens on Earth hardship will guide her to confront a dictator determined to murder her and all humanity— a fight that even her near-immortal legacy may not be willing to assist her endure.