4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

When the music stops, the world ends.

A madman from the past is rising in power. One who believes a woman’s place is in the kitchen and rock ‘n roll is the work of the devil.

Shawn and Rayna must travel back to 1963 just as Beatlemania sweeps across the United States…or does it?

It’s their mission to ensure all goes according to history, but what are they to do when the world as they know it has already ceased to exist?

Faced with this new bleak, authoritarian landscape of prison camps and military police, it soon becomes clear that fixing this broken timeline won’t be easy.

And this time, everyone wants Shawn dead.

If you enjoy time travel with a healthy dose of 1960s nostalgia including The Beatles then you’ll be swept away by Echoes of Change, book two in USA Today Best-Selling author Rylee Swann’s new time travel science fiction romance series.

Echoes of Change can be read as a standalone so don’t delay your reading pleasure and scroll up now to download your copy!