Double Eagle (Sabbat Worlds)

Science Fiction

4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


A novel on the Sabbath Worlds The Enothis conflict is nearly destroyed. Chaos armies are harassing the guardians in the forests and on the ground. Can the Phantine XX’s ace pilots transform the tide and win the Imperium?

READ IT BECAUSE With fast-paced aeronautical activity, interesting personalities and convincing mental scenes from Dan “Master of War” Abnett, the renowned Sabbath Worlds Crusade brings you to the heavens.

THE STORY In the war-torn Sabbath Worlds, high-speed air combat!

When Phantine XX’s finest jet planes come on Enothis ‘ beleaguered globe, they understand it’s a hopeless hour. Chaos ‘ armies are pressing in and their ultimate thrust could well wash out all of the planet’s natural lives. Thousands of refugees are fleeing the dark armies, and the infamous Chaos fighter pilot Khrel Kas Obarkon is always chasing the skies for more prey… And so it falls to the Phantine fighter corps ‘ brave men and women. Can they stop the Chaos from moving forward until troops come? Can they beat an opponent inhabited by daemons in the high-speed, white-knuckle horror of air fight?