5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Sterling Monedero isn’t your typical necromancer.

Even with the game system and mancer class forced onto him by the alien monoliths known as Godwalkers, Sterling just wants to farm his peppers in peace and live out the rest of his troubled existence in quiet. He did that whole ‘trying to get revenge on the Godwalkers’ thing five years ago, and failed miserably.

But when the Godwalkers show back up for their own bit of revenge – and Killbilly bandits appear trying to impose a pepper tax – the tough-as-bones loner decides enough is enough. It’s time to reassemble the team, kick some much needed ass, and put an end to the alien threat once and for all.

Or die trying.

Set in a richly imagined post-apocalyptic New Mexico, this gritty LitRPG western features superpowered mancers, terrifying animal-skeletal hybrids, an intricate game system, and a big dose of Southwestern mysticism. Inspired by The Dark Tower, Old Man Logan, and Red Dead Redemption, best-selling author Harmon Cooper takes you on a high-octane thrill ride through desolate landscapes and dystopian urban decay, on an adventure that doesn’t know how to back down from a challenge.