Beyond the Last War: The Wayward Mercenary

Science Fiction

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


The Earth was devastated by nuclear war, and in pursuit of preservation the few remaining people are compelled to walk across the frozen deserts. It is a place where law is meaningless and cattle are mutated to scavenge for meat. It is the earth after the Last War post-apocalyptic. While the wealthy thrive in neo-cities raised above the nuclear soot, in a landscape hit by decades of war and environmental degradation, the poor are compelled to eke out their life. With the poor exiled to these decrepit soot towns, road groups flourish, and rivalries often result in lethal violence. Drake Kicklighter, the leader of the notorious Cheaters, has given his sister to the most fearful mutant of all: the Demon Queen in the midst of the chaos of a gang war that went right. Desperate to hold on with any meaning to one of the few things left in his life, he seeks the help of Johnnie Bernstein, a distraught mercenary. They start out together to discover the house of the monster and kill anyone standing in their way. But things aren’t always as simple as they seem, and they’re quickly attracted into a bigger war than they’d ever thought. Visit to explore a universe of beasts and mercenaries more deeply!