5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

It’s been a long three years for Jon Hunter.

He’s been dead, to the future, saved the galaxy, been elevated to Imperator against his will, and lost his girlfriend.

Four major wars in three years.

Five, if you include the pirates that tried hard to kill him originally, and he does include them.

A year ago he was tired, lost, and not wanting to command any more.

He fought on anyway.

Now the Trixone war is over, and the pressure is finally off him.

But what happened to Aline still eats at him.

He needs to know the truth.

What better way to find your truth than to go Walkabout?

He built an Imperium. Now it’s time he saw some of it.

But he’s forgotten that when you ask the cosmos for something, you will get an answer.

The Amulet of Truth is out there.

He’s not looking for it, but it will find him.

The Hunter Imperium Universe
Is best read in this order:

The Hunter Legacy
Hero at Large
Hunted Hero Hunting
Send in the Hero
Make or Break the Hero
Hail the Hero
Burnside’s Killer
Hire a Hero
Jane’s Christmas
Hero to the Rescue
Hero at the Gates
The Long Road to Gaia
Home is Where the Hero Is
Hero in Darkness
Hero to the End

A.I. Destiny
Admiral of Gaia
Kingdom of Hunter’s Run
Snark’s Quest
Destiny Stone
Talisman of Tomorrow
Leader of Sector Ten

The Spacemage Chronicle
Yesterday’s Spacemage
Today’s Spacemage
Tomorrow’s Spacemage

The Hunter Imperium
Hunter’s Terminus
Reaper’s Crossroad
Blind into the Breach
Legend of Dreamwalker
Imperium Knight Chaos Rising
Midshipman Spacemage (Imperium Spacemage 1)
Ensign Spacemage (Imperium Spacemage 2)
Rogue Unit
Lieutenant Spacemage (Imperium Spacemage 3)
Lieutenant Commander Spacemage (Imperium Spacemage 4)
Jane’s Halloween
Commander Spacemage (Imperium Spacemage 5)
Fleet Captain Spacemage (Imperium Spacemage 6)
Twice Three
266 Squadron
Amulet of Truth *Forthcoming*
Ganesha’s Spacemage *Forthcoming*

The Hunter Imperium Universe Series in the order written:
The Hunter Legacy
A.I. Destiny
The Spacemage Chronicle
The Hunter Imperium
Imperium Spacemage