4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

The higher you get the more loss is humiliating.

Borak is not a joy to look at, being the most barbaric of the old bloods, but he has his eyes set on a human queen of high rank. Nothing would prevent him from finding his heart’s queen. Not fighting, not ruthless rivals, not even his chain of command.


On a female-dominated dystopian Planet, men are rare. Juliet is the general charged with the eradication from the field of the Vithican parasites and their Moltan handlers. In a world where aliens prey upon the last of mankind, she looks to a race of dragon warriors for aid. They take the fight seriously and have all the advanced weapons to do the job.

The thing she didn’t count on was her fight buddy fending off hardcore pursuit. He’s an ancient blood-draconian warrior and a member of the military elite. Sadly, when he’s meant to have fighting on his mind, he’s mating on his mind.

Barok, Barok

The Earth General is intrigued by Borak. With a bold, commanding presence, she is a dark beauty. Where other people are cowering and weeping, this one is battling with the heart of a true warrior.

Among the queens, she is a bitch, and Borak is all too conscious that he’s not a joy to look at. For a human queen, he’s tall, frightening, and too rowdy. This is what he’s been told, but now he’s starting to realize that much of what he’s been told is lies. Luring this queen becomes the all-consuming passion of his life, but one misstep costs him all.