4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

For Christmas, what she wants is to keep her family together.
Miss Martha Cratchit rarely makes ends meet. As a woman who once belonged to high society, there are few choices to obtain a better income. The elderly vicar blessedly offers to pay Martha if she cleans the church house for him. He also agrees to keep her work a secret, allowing her to retain what little prestige she has left in society. Hopefully, it would be enough for the coin she receives to keep her and her two brothers housed and fed. It’s a tenuous scheme, but all she’s got is it.

Peter De Ath, Duke of Pembroke, hates all and all and with his status as the Silent Duke, he has no qualms. Almost all his life, he’s been alone and is happy to stay that way. A few minutes a week, alone in the church building, what he wants is to connect with the one being who would not blame him for his incurable stuttering.

Peter finds his isolation broken when a wisp of a young woman stumbles upon him in the church building. For her part, Martha is much too scared by the Silent Duke to wish herself anywhere but far from him. But leaving is not an option; she’s running out of options and the cost of caring for her ailing grandfather is growing. This Christmas will seem to be the one that will eventually tear her family apart.

The Peace of Christmas Yet to Come in A Dickens of a Christmas series is the third and final. It’s a clean and wholesome Christmas romance from the Regency; a tale of bravery, holiday customs, and the unique peace of Christmas. In this series, each book is a stand-alone book and can be read separately or enjoyed in the correct order.

Book 1: The Past Christmas Hope
Book 2: The Christmas Present’s Joy
Book 3: The Christmas Peace Yet to Come