The Lord’s Highland Temptation


4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


A guilty officer… to Foxgrove’s potential Earl?

In the same fight that murdered his sibling, Captain Lucas Johns-Ives is wounded. Hunted by loss, Mairi Wallace saves the life of Lucas. Lucas can escape the duties of becoming the current Earl in this Highland idyll, masquerading as the butler of her family. He’s encouraged by the beauty of Mairi — but to gain his place, he has to confront his enemies and assert his privileged born privilege… “From the riveting beginning to the satisfactory end and all the convincing events in between, I’ve always been captivated” — Goodreads on Shipwrecked with the Captain “A hint of risk joins the tale, contributing a hint of fun to an already pleasant reading. I think this is MORE than your moment and cash value!”—Shipwrecked Huntress Reviews with the Captain