5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

**Phoenix** Phoenix

Shhh……shhh… Don’t yell,
The hand over my mouth will suffocate me, I prayed.
I had to tell my best friend the truth before I even had to.
I loved Logan Ducaneā€”he was everything about me.
Yet my secrets tore apart our lives.
The last four years I have spent trying to restore a life worth living,
And after I’d lost too much, trying to regain my voice.
Four years of advancement…
I felt I was left with nothing to lose,
I was so wrong, though.
They pack my bags, and I’m on my way,
Let another boy from Ducane finish tearing me to shreds.
He’s implying that I am the enemy…
But if only he had understood.


She was terrified, crying, and bloody the last time I saw her.
A cold and dead body at my cousin’s feet.
All I thought I knew was uprooted and broken four years ago.
The girl that I thought I loved was the source of so much anxiety and pain.
Her lies ruined everything we had,
But I’m getting my chance now to make her pay.
Hate, rage, and pain for four years, all ready to be published.

A young adult, Dark Bully Enemies to Lovers, Reverse Harem Romance, is Broken Dreams. This book includes dark concepts that some can find TRIGGERING and sometimes challenge them.