4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)

She’s running from trouble, and now he’s protecting more than just his ranch.
Laney Parker is in dire need of a fresh start. With broken bones and a broken heart, she shows up at Blackwater Ranch hoping to land the housekeeper position for the new bed and breakfast. When the caring family begins to ask questions, she struggles to trust them with her secret.
Micah Harding is the manager of Blackwater Ranch. His plate is full as it is, but he can’t turn his back on the secretive stranger. Laney may be leading trouble to their door, but he can’t help but think she’s worth the risk.
She’s beaten up and tight-lipped about where she came from. Slowly, Micah shows her that she can trust him with her heart. When Laney’s past catches up to her, Micah won’t stop until he brings her home.
Protected by the Cowboy is the fourth book in the Christian Blackwater Ranch series, but the books can be read in any order.