4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Tatiana is your typical young adult. She’s young, beautiful, and thinks she has life figured out. Having more idle time than she needs to herself, she stays entertained through social media. Being a social media fanatic and at the same time yearning for attention, she decides to make an OnlyFans page and winds up finding more attention than she can handle when she meets Reggie.
Suddenly things take a drastic turn and Tatiana’s life is flipped upside. Everything feels like it’s falling apart in her world and everyone that she thought she could depend on she soon finds out were not in her corner. Will Reggie be the man Tatiana needs to or is her drama more than what he bargained for?
Reggie is successful in every aspect of his life except for his love life. Being a young and extremely handsome entrepreneur, it isn’t hard for him to find a woman willing to hook up with him. The problem is his love for beautiful women has him making some crazy choices and reckless moves. When he connects with Tatiana on OnlyFans, he is drawn to her at first sight. First it was her outer appearance, but once he gets to know her on a deeper level, he finds out there is more to her than just a sexy body and cute face.
Social dating and random hook ups are becoming a new trend however, Tatiana and Reggie soon realize that even though they met on a social site, it’s not the trend for them. Once things start to spiral out of control in both of their lives, they quickly find themselves in over their heads and in the midst of all sorts of drama.
Secrets will get revealed, drama will be at an all-time high, and lives will be changed forever. Get ready cause you’re about to go on an emotional roller-coaster ride in this completed novel… #OnlyFans