Now You See Me


4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


Miguel would like to be observed.

Miguel Cordero Ruiz has always regarded himself directly, but his seductive professor of anatomy, Dr. Cummings, makes him rethink that severely. While the professor living across the road is supposed to be a “cat watcher,” it is suspected that he is really working on the masculine learners living in the construction of Miguel. Miguel decides to give the professor a show that he won’t miss when gossip is verified as reality.

Aldrich fears being seen.

A solitary life guided by Aldrich Cummings. That everything shifts when he notices his beautiful fresh neighbour shifting across the road. Aldrich is even more enthralled when he finds the man he was silently observing from his desk door is not only conscious of his crowd, but also enjoys it. Miguel is his student and thus off-limited, but they won’t be hurt by what the administration doesn’t understand.

It was intended to be voyeurism that was innocent and irrelevant.

As moment goes by, the longing fires so strongly between them that it invariably crashes. If the university discovers out what the professor and his pupil are growing up to, both will experience implications. They’ll have to manage the barriers in their journey to discover the happiness they’ve both been looking for.