5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

I’m stranded in a snowed-in castle with a big, bad prince…
The plan was to visit my grandmother at the Arctic palace in the Kingdom of Nord.
I was supposed to get the information I needed for work, give Grandma a big hug, then get out.
Things…aren’t going according to plan.
For one, the castle is being battered by the biggest storm it’s seen in centuries.
I’m stuck, and Grandma isn’t even here.
In her place is a prince with honey-colored eyes and a body that was made for war.
He’s big and burly and…oof, my poor panties.
They don’t stand a chance when Prince Wolfe looks at me like he wants to eat me.
I’m pretending I don’t like the fire in the prince’s eyes, which, to be honest, is also not going great.
He can see right through my fake hostility.
How am I supposed to work when he’s walking around like some wild, Nordic god with a chip on his shoulder and a very big—
Never mind.
Listen, it’s temporary. As soon as this storm lets up, I’ll be out of here. All I have to do is keep it professional for a few short days.
Easy, right?
Ha. Yeah. Right.