Fractured Rhythm (Steelwolf Book 1)


5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


The Steelwolf rock band has been a large component of the lives of Cassie Steel for years. Then everything collapsed.

Cassie’s been building a fresh existence in New York and putting her core into her profession as Scrumptious’s eldest culinary producer. She isn’t willing to walk into a dive bar and see the guy who shattered her core all those years earlier. Steelwolf’s leading guitarist, Sebastian Wolfgang Clark, had performed her flesh like a good tool and had rendered her soul dance before he broke it.

For years, Bash’s well of music has broken up. It killed when it was his greatest buddy. Or perhaps when Cassie had been driven out of his lives. It’s been two years since he said farewell to his colleague and searching for fresh songs is accomplished by the record label. Then Cassie returns to his career.

Is Cassie prepared to stake her core again? Can she assist Bash fix his life’s broken rhythm and make the songs he enjoys again? Or will he wind up for all the incorrect purposes pulling her back again?