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The darkness had shut up around her. She was trying to clear her vision, but no light, no noise, nothing was there. Just the emptiness of being alone, the echoing voice. Via her, fear pulsed. The guy came out of nowhere. Who has he been? Blinking away tears of rage, she felt the floor and walls around her in the black pitch. Uh, cold. Steel. Stainless. Yeah. Bars.

When she tries to get lost, Detective Ellie Reeves heads into the wilds of the Appalachian Mountains—to forget the voices following her and the history that keeps her up at night. She’s sick of her small town having to prove herself.

Hiking in the endless miles of woodland, however is not the escape she wished for. As dusk falls one night, a raft of wind blows some petals down Ellie’s road. She finds a golden-haired young woman dead on a bed of daffodils, following the track, with a note: Monday’s child is fair-faced.

There is a message on her phone when Ellie emerges from the trees. Somebody sent her a picture of her colleague, Officer Shondra Eastwood, with the words: Detective Reeves, can you find her? When she was busy running from life, a murderer was on the loose, and he stole her beloved friend. Ellie was racked with remorse.

The wilderness and its shadows are a criminal’s ideal hunting ground, but what does the sinister nursery rhyme mean? When another dead woman, Tuesday’s Girl, is found, it soon becomes apparent.

Ellie is up against a serial killer who appears to be a survivor every day of the week, and there’s going to be another body in the next twenty-four hours. Will she save more innocent women—and Shondra—from his clutches when this cruel killer closes in on her? Or first, can he get to Ellie?

For fans of Lisa Regan, Kendra Elliot and Melinda Leigh, an absolutely gripping and totally breathless crime thriller. After this heart-pounding page-turner, you may have difficulty falling asleep!

Readers love Wildflower Graves absolutely:

The “Unputdownable!!!” Published exquisitely! I really recommend this fantastic novel! … A thriller with many twists and turns that is beautifully unsettling! ” Author of Goodreads, ⁇

“I just flew through the book… in every way this book was so complete and I couldn’t ask for more… This book was a mystery surmounted by another mystery, another mystery, another mystery, then boom! Twist of story. With your brain cells in EVERY plot twist, this book will torment you. Not just one, but plenty of plot twists! …I hadn’t read such a murderer before. All in all, I gave this book 5 stars out of 5! In this one, I can’t see a single fault… Pick this book up! On this one, you won’t regret your time! Ink Drinker Hana, ⁇ .

Good! Great! This one had me guessing all the time… Didn’t let me down… Keep you hooked with all the twists and turns! Recommended certainly.’ Rachel Owl Books,

In my mouth was my heart… I was afraid to read some pieces, but I couldn’t pull myself away, it was so so sweet! Reviewer of NetGalley, ⁇ .

A non-stop experience of heart-pounding… It keeps you guessing until the end. For the next novel, I can’t wait! ” Author of Goodreads, ⁇

Loved it One of my favorite books of the year is Book 1 in The Silent Dolls series, and Wildflower Graves lifts the bar to another level. Nigela Dams Bookworm, ⁇ This is now one of my favorite crime shows… a wonderful story that gets the full 5 stars… I love this series.

Better even than book one, this one is going to pull you in and not let go. I adore Ellie. She’s complicated, she’s driven, and she’s the type of heroine that you want to cheer for The ending left me with pins and needles. The next one I can’t wait for! ” Author of Goodreads, ⁇

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