The Last Housekeeper: A Cozy Mystery Romance


4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


It’s good to fall for your boss but it’s worse to fall for a murderer.

Abby is at the bottom of her sector and is proud of her capacity after the upper class to wash up. When her boss offers her a promotion of being a live-in housekeeper, she can’t think the chance before her. Better pay, no lease anymore, do what she likes… what is the trap?

The customer is an interested individual in a prominent homicide situation–his latest housekeeper’s death. Mr. Saxe is the most eligible bachelor in the region, not only beautiful. He is an extremely private person, however, with the means of hiding the deepest truths.

While Abby attempts to disregard her increasing emotions for her current boss, she understands that Mr. Saxe has more than he catches the eye. She has to create a decision as she finds unnerving data about her previous–believe her feelings or obey her soul.