5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Sully thought facing down his past would be the hardest part of this case. He was wrong.

Now he’s racing against time—and a dark spirit from his childhood—to save his brother.

Just before Christmas, Sully and Dez are summoned to help a young woman plagued by a frightening ghost in her new home.

But this isn’t like any other job. This home has been built on the lot that once held the residence of the Blake family—the house Sully barely escaped with his life nearly twenty years ago.

Sully connects nothing good with the place, his memories of abuse still vivid and barely held in check. But when the destructive spirit of Jim Blake possesses Dez, Sully finds himself in an even more desperate plight.

Childhood fear must take a backseat as Sully fights to find Dez and free him from Blake—before he does something that will destroy all of them.