5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Which came first, the killer or the egg?
Wedding bells are ringing at Lucky Cluck Farm! Sheriff Eli Ramirez’s beloved niece is marrying a hometown hero, but she’s a bride on a budget. Leona offers her chicken farm as the perfect (and free!) springtime venue. The homestead might need a little cleanup before it can host the ceremony and barn dance, but many hands make light work, and the sprawling Ramirez clan certainly has hands to spare.
But there’s a hitch in the wedding plans. A bridesmaid takes a nosedive off the roof at the bachelorette party. And it wasn’t an accident—she was pushed.
What’s worse? When Eli’s kicked off the case due to conflict of interest, the new sheriff in town zeroes in on the bride and groom as the prime suspects in the killing. He thinks they made a murder pact—‘til death do they part.
Now Leona and Eli must untangle the mystery so the happy couple can finally tie the knot under the apple blossoms. But the killer has a bouquet of other plans…
If you like homespun hilarity in your cozy mysteries, Pecks & Suspects will keep you giggling and guessing until you find out whodunnit. No gore, swears, or other yucky stuff. Just good, clean murder.
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