Nothing Ventured


4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


Nothing Ventured is the Clifton Chronicles and Kane and Abel, Jeffrey Archer’s amazing and exciting novel by the renowned storyteller and bestselling author.

This is not a detective story, it’s a tale about a detective William Warwick has always intended to be a detective, and he chooses, much to the dismay of his dad, that he will enter the Metropolitan Police Force in London instead of becoming a barrister like his dad, Sir Julian Warwick QC, and his sibling Grace.

After graduating from college, William starts a profession that will shape his life: from his earliest months on the run under his first mentor’s watchful eye, Constable Fred Yates, to his first high-stakes situation as a young detective in Scotland Yard’s Art and Antiquities team. Investigating the robbery of a priceless Rembrandt sculpture from the Fitzmolean Museum, he encounters Beth Rainsford, a gallery study worker who he hopelessly loves, even as Beth protects her own mystery that she’s frightened will emerge to revelation.

While William joins the path of the lost painting, he faces suave art collector Miles Faulkner and his wonderful lawyer, Booth Watson QC, who are prepared to change the law to the extent of failing to remain a breath ahead of William. Meanwhile, William is friends with Miles Faulkner’s spouse, Christina, but on whose part is she actually?

Nothing Ventured heralds the beginning of a completely fresh novel in the vein of the top one Sunday Times bestselling The Clifton Chronicles by Jeffrey Archer: revealing the tale of William Warwick’s childhood–as a household person and a cop who will fight a strong criminal enemy throughout his career. This film will demonstrate through turns, triumph and disaster that William Warwick is meant to become one of the most enduring legacies of Jeffrey Archer.