Liars’ Paradox (A Jack and Jill Thriller Book 1)


4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


The bestselling writer of the New York Times, Taylor Stevens, brings a couple of wild ducks into the worldwide espionage game— a brother and daughter created to deceive — and made to murder.

They were trained from the oldest remembrance to conceal, chase, endure. Jack and Jill, they feud twins who can’t prevent going. Clare, more mentor than mom, stepped them into the craft of spying, improving their weapons, surveillance, and sabotage abilities. But as they got aged they questioned their intentions, their methods, and their health.

The twin now seek to guide ordinary life, twenty-six. But when Clare disappears, they understand that her paranoid delusions are genuine. A distorted path from the CIA to the KGB will direct them to an undercover network of worldwide murderers where murderers are chased.

Where everybody needs them killed.

“I write this year’s greatest novel. Right up there with Lisa Gardner and Lee Child.”— Allison Brennan, “A winding story of spying and vengeance, convincing and addicting.”