Katarina: A suspense & thriller romance novel of a long forgotten mystery


5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


Kate left her house in the morning, not knowing that everything was about to change. At the end of a routine day at medical school, she finds herself unconscious, crammed into the trunk of a yellow car and taken to an isolated cabin in the heart of a desolate forest.

Andrew had been searching his whole life for the one who disappeared. He was only a young boy at the time, but clearly understood what love was. He knows that his conscience won’t be clear until he reminds her all that she has forgotten, and for that, he needs two weeks.

Mr. Briggs is close to losing his mind. His only daughter, the one for whom he abandoned his entire world, didn’t return home. He collaborates with the police, revealing pieces of his past he hoped to hide forever, and soon, the helplessness brings him to his breaking point.

Katrina is a thrilling and mysterious romance novel. It is a story about different perspectives, childhood memories, lost love, betrayal and murder. Just when you think you understood everything, some new detail from the past will emerge and will shade a new light of deception.