They claim vengeance is a cold dish that is better handled.

But for it, Jason Trapp loses his flavor. His private crusade took him around the globe for six months, mopping up the last of the conspirators from Bloody Monday. There is only one remaining, and the debt of Trapp will be compensated in complete after the greedy financier Emmanuel Alstyne finds his creator. He says that he’s finished with the murder company.

It’s not achieved with him, unfortunately.

Following a straightforward killing task in Macau, having a CIA spy abducted, half a ton Chinese officials killed, and American satellites exploding in the heavens, Trapp is pushed away into the match. He’s held Eliza Ikeda on his command, and he’s determined to get her back — no wonder the price. The problem is, he doesn’t have any clue who kidnapped her, why or what they’re going to do next.

Trapp understands he’s playing. And with only two superpowers hurting to the precipice of conflict in the world, moment runs out…

You’ll have to wait for retirement.
Trapp has returned to practice. And it’s private this moment.