4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)

“Sherlock and Watson come through again. The [corgis] are so cute!” – 5 star review, Amazon

It starts out as a fun road trip to Monterey, California, for Zack, Jillian and the two corgis, but when a dead SCUBA diver washes up on the beach where they are walking, well, the group senses a mystery unfolding.

Zack, Jillian, Sherlock and Watson, become embroiled in a race to discover what the diver had been doing, all alone in the bay, when he died. Compounding their investigation is the presence of a group of playful otters, who just so happen to be using what appears to be gold coins as tools to open shellfish. Are the two events related? Could the deceased diver have located a sunken treasure ship off the coast of Monterey?

Readers are loving this cozy mystery series with its two indomitable dog sleuths. Zack, Jillian and the corgis, Sherlock and Watson, are at it again in this delightful series that pulls you right in.

Praise for Jeffrey Poole and the Corgi Case files:
“I can’t wait for the next book. I love mysteries and animals, so these books are perfect reading for me. Sherlock is a small furry Jessica Fletcher.” – H. Dudley, 5 stars online review

“A great introduction to the characters in the Corgi Case Files mystery series. Sherlock is brilliant!” J.D. – 5 stars on Amazon (on Case of the One-Eyed Tiger)

“The best thing–this guy loves the corgis, as I do, and he describes their behavior very well. Looking forward to future stories.” – 5 stars, Amazon

“An intriguing story with a wonderful cast of characters. The plot was excellent and filled with twists and turns it kept my interest to the very end!” – 5 stars on Amazon

“I absolutely love this series. If you like a good story, great characters and seriously smart and lovable canines, you’ll love this book. Start with the first book and work your way through the Corgi Case Files. They just keep getting better.” – K. Underwood, 5 stars online review