Chasing a cybercrime into the Dark Web’s pitch-black core.

Lisa Tanchik, a special agent, is the greatest to take down cybercriminals. So when the FBI finds internet a multibillion-dollar black market, it is her job to find the author and bring him to trial. Tanchik runs secretly into the network giving one of her many digital disguises.

As an idealistic experiment, brilliant college pupil Nate Fallon began his page. But his agenda has not only rendered illegal trade more efficient— but more hazardous as well. The FBI isn’t the only people to get it now. As earnings rise, a criminal organization turns its evil eye on Fallon, and risk springs into practice from cyberspace.

Feeling stress from both ends of the legislation, Fallon is compelled to take a crushing choice. Can Agent Tanchik discover Fallon before falling into the incorrect fingers of his hazardous infrastructure?