Wolves of the West (Northwest Wolf Pack Book 1)


5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


There’s nothing about an alpha without a group.

Six years earlier, I missed everything. My household. My house. My house. And my boyfriends.

My family lifted me to hold their position as an alpha, just in an emergency to throw it all back.

Now, I’m rescuing abducted and threatened shifters as a lone wolf because no one wants to die like I did.

I’ve got some buddies. I’ve got a society. But it destroys me not to have what is needed by every alpha— a clan to continue with a fateful partner on my hand.

A seductive, disguised incubus evening only deepens my search for my own bag. It was supposed to be casual, but for more I can’t help myself.

If that wasn’t enough, with word about my fifth, two of my previous friends appear out of the box.

He’s intact still.

West Wolves is the first in a reverse harem series with a tough-as-nails heroin, heart-pacing intervention, and burning steam, including the variation M / M.

This trilogy takes place in the same world as the other series of Crystal Ash, Unholy Trinity and the Trilogy of Shifted Mates, with many of the same characters.