Warrior Fae Trapped (A Demon Days, Vampire Nights Novel)


4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)


The truce is soon over between the vampires and the shifters. So all hell splits loose when the two groups happen upon a fae warrior who has no clue what she is.

It wasn’t simple for charity. She’s a refugee, growing up in a poor portion of Chicago, abandoned at seventeen by her mom. So she believes all her hopes have come real when she receives a scholarship to a nice college out in California.

She comes into a dream first.

She doesn’t conform to a posh group, she receives her life’s surprise: zombies and wolves are genuine! Magic is true. And she’s just attempting to create it, anything but a daily bad child.

Warrior’s running in her blood. If only she was able to use it.

Suddenly she finds herself caught between two magical super forces-a wicked ancient witch who wants to use her for her blood links and perhaps bind her to the couch, and a powerful alpha male who will defend her at all expenses.

Her survival existence has never been able to prepare her for this. And if she doesn’t discover to harness the fae magic that runs through her blood, she’s going to be jailed indefinitely.