The Maiden’s War (The Griffon and the Dragon Book 1)


5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


The Empire’s rising!

Not too soon earlier the Western Kingdom seemed to have lastly conquered the Thousand Years ‘ War against the Mask Empire.

They were mistaken.

Rising like a volcano after centuries of violent uprising that shattered the Royal Occupation, the Empire is bigger than ever and revenge-bound hell. Now, in a lightning campaign, the Emperor has unleashed his forces, shattering the defenses of the Kingdom in an avalanche of fire and steel. The Royal Army is mobilizing as the destiny of the Kingdom lies in the equilibrium.

Sophia Rose is a youthful soldier from the idyllic city of Jade Falls in a backup group. Seeing a kid in the infantry is almost unheard of, but in the armies and with her dad being their First Sergeant, well, there is effectively nothing against it in the laws. She entered the army to waste time with her dad and colleagues, and she will march into the fighting inferno with them.

Princess Arilin Wehrherz is a dutiful kid with a strong will, second in contact with the crown of the Kingdom. She questioned her dad if she could join the army herself after saying farewell to her elderly sister as he left with his regiment for the front. He told her to find and stay out of danger a capable chaperone, and he probably didn’t trust her to do precisely that. War is complete of shocks, though, and it may switch out that her little adventure is more hazardous and more significant than anyone could have anticipated!