Soul Fire


5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


It’s all burning.

Dustin Graves is at risk. The century’s most strong witch has surfaced, roused by the Eldest from her tormented sleeping centuries. His vengeance was pledged by Odin, the All-Father. And the Dark Room gate is unlocked again, causing an inferno of anger in the core of the dark mage.

The Great Beasts, old myth apocalyptic beasts, may retain the secret to taming the wild magic of Dustin and finishing the rule of Agatha Black. Failure implies annihilation, whether by flames, or by darkness… Or the hungry folly that dwells in the dark corners.

You’ll enjoy the eighth novel in Nazri Noor’s sequence of urban fantasy novels if you like snarky characters, snappy narration, and a lot of grit and violence. Explore the universe of Dark Mage and explore today’s Soul Fire.