Siege and Sacrifice


5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


Finally, Sandis liberated herself from her owner and planned to use her as a ship for the old Kolosos monster. But a fresh, unlikely ship has been discovered by her father: Sandis ‘ sister, Anon — a sibling she had soon believed lost.

Kolosos is old, huge, and apparently unsurpassed. Luckily, Sandis has her own monster— an etheric flame animal she can command at will. She and Rone may also have found the mystery of beating Kolosos: ancestral legends detailing magic development. It might be the gateway to success and the answer to Anon’s preservation.

The cost is high and ready to settle for it is Sandis. Rone isn’t, and only breaks them apart by his effort to save her. Sandis and Rone will need to determine the sacrifices they are willing to make, as both are tested in ways they never expected. If their attempts are not sufficient, their town will fall… just as they already have the ancestral town beneath it.