4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Not even the god who made her could tame her.
When the Dagda took three girls and combined them into a single goddess–that he might have for himself a divine wife–he thought she’d be an obedient sub-deity and an extension of his rule. But the Morrigan is subservient to no man, no matter how powerful a god he fashions himself to be.
If she is to rule, however, she must do more than defy the god who made her.
She must win the heart of a mortal…
Cú Chulainn didn’t want to be a warrior.
He dreamed of becoming a bard, a poet…
But when he discovers he has the ríastrad, that he transforms into a werewolf when enraged, he finds he has little choice but to serve the whims of his king and defend Ulster.
But can the beast be controlled?
A faerie touched his heart… it calmed his rage… and he longs for her still…
But there’s another who pursues him, who hopes to win his heart… a goddess…
Will the Morrigan win the heart of her beloved? Will Cú Chulainn find peace, or will he be destined to a life of battle?

Rise of the Morrigan is a stand-alone epic in fantasy mythology. It is also a prequel to Theolphilus Monroe’s Gates of Eden world. Readers of Monroe’s Voodoo Legacy, Druid Legacy, or other modern Arthurian fantasies will be captivated by this epic fantasy adventure romance: Rise of the Morrigan: The Queen of Samhuinn.