5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

“Know your place, Nikolas.”
“Under the heel of your boot, Your Highness?”

Prince Vasili is left with no choice but to leave his ancestral home, leaving his brother Amir to crown himself King after a horrific inferno destroys the Caville palace, and with the people of Loreen turned against him.

But the life of Vasili is not the only one that is left in the ashes. Nikolas Yazdan, the illegitimate son of a lord and Vasili’s favorite cat, was not forgotten by King Amir. Amir has become more than Niko can fight alone with forbidden strength in his veins.

Once again, together with Vasili, Niko must move south, to a land of pirates and thieves, of mystery and enchantment. For a manipulative prince and his reluctant murderer, a land of opportunity.

But just as Nikolas starts to believe that Vasili might be worth fighting for that Loreen can be rescued on the throne with Vasili, the dark flame stuck in the royal bloodline unravels its ancient relations.

The relentless force desperate for its escape must be managed by one prince. The other’s gotta die.

Niko thought he knew the prince he could trust, but before he was tricked, and as the true intentions of Vasili are uncovered, Niko once again finds himself at the mercy of Prince Vasili. Only this time, there’s more at stake than lust. The fate of the world depends upon the discovery by Niko of the reality of the flame, of the cursed Cavilles, and of his role in their doomed destiny.

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