5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

The Huns arrive in large numbers and begin their march into the middle of the isles. As Arthur continues to fight them and push back, Attila and Bishkar refresh their ranks with more expendables and recruits form the continent. Soon Arthur and his allies are overwhelmed, and it looks like all is lost.

Arthur realizes that he alone cannot fight the Huns with the help of the Demetian forces and so begins a quest to unite the kingdom, calling on Lancelot, and the other lords. They are, however, afraid of what they have seen the barbarians do to the land and refuse to take up arms to join Arthur.

With no other corners to look for help, it looks like the fate of the man who would be king is sealed. Doom befalls him in every stage and around every corner. Will he survive? Will he live to see a united kingdom? Will he prevail? Or will all be lost?