Of Demon Kind: Book One in the Kingdom of Jior Series


4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)


Jior’s Prince Lorn is the only one remaining in the evil empire called Jior’s Kingdom. His dad, King Kullorn, was the epitome of bad. They resulted hordes of demons collecting death and destruction together. Lorn must experience the wake of their victory alone when Kullorn is murdered. Years subsequently, Lorn is charged with pursuing in the footsteps of his father and with kidnapping Skoria’s Princess Lililaira. Forced out of disguise, Lorn has to face arrest, jail and murder to discover out who uses the title of his father to begin another conflict. Lorn is badly injured during an unplanned Princess kidnapping and they have to battle to stay together as he is cured by her, flesh, heart and soul. They start a trip together to clarify the place of Lorn and fend off the conflict that affects both of them.