4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

It’s time for a new beginning.
A new year.
A new boo.

Five authors present paranormal romance/urban fantasy tales celebrating new beginnings. Twenty-twenty-one. Time for some fun!
A Half-Cocked Vampire by Tina Glasneck – Baby witches are cursing the moon, large unexplained crystal monoliths are sprouting up around the world, and supernatural doom is on the horizon…
New Promise, by Julie Trettel – He’s made it clear I’m not what he wants. It’s time to prove him wrong. I’ll do whatever it takes to change his mind. I’m a wolf not a chicken shifter.
Something in the Water by Elva Birch – Something strange is going on in Anders Canyon.
Catnipped by Tamara Kendall- I’m a brand-new shifter slayer. When my first assignment pairs me with a super sexy angel and a hot, brooding shifter-and lands me deep in other-worldly political intrigue-I begin to wonder if I might be in over my head.
The Reaping of an Alchemist by Olivia Hardin- I’m willing to risk the depths of Hades to save my sister so when a dark and sexy reaper agrees to transport me, I’m willing to pay almost any price.