My Fair Princess: Allies Of The Fae Realm


4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


It’s not a fateful buddy bond that creates griesha every day.

Companions of Crysta may have the scrolls, but they are far from over. Everyone, except Crysta, appeared to the Unseelie palace. Jareth hopes that his destined partner will never find it back from the Seelie palace.

He has one aim to save his life’s passion, and to assist him get home Crysta, he has a king Hag and a fierce Fae assassin.

But saving his destined buddy is just one issue that this varied band of paranormal misfits must solve in an overwhelming roster of huge issues.

Terise is still quickly doomed and disappearing.

Crysta develops from the bloodletting injury, remains connected through Kheelan to Terise, and is coated in purple places.

Jareth may permanently loose his Crysta bond.

Moridan believes mind manipulation is a fun way to wipe out the resistance.

And scrolling the dang?


You can find zero data about the place of the rock and the diadem. Crysta and Jareth have less than four days to open the mysteries of the manuscripts, discover and collect the magical relics before she and Terise succumb to griesha.

And they hardly figure out who their true opponents are.

This band of paranormal misfits have their arms complete from full-sized dragons, to supernatural ocean animals, to evil mermaids, and warmongering goblins.