5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

The Pack of Lies goes on.

My mom is not my mom.
For his one-and-only baby mama, a werewolf needs me.
Ah! My! Oh! And I’m the new chief of a tribe that I joined weeks earlier.

Messed up doesn’t start to clarify it.

I am more anxious than ever to reveal a reason for the mounting betrayals of Mum. And I’m not sure if forgiveness is possible this time.

But if I want to escape our bond for good, the mating meeting with Sascha must begin. To win a centuries-old game against freakin’ shifters, the whole tribe relies on me. And at this point, well I’ve got a few of my own secrets.

Maintaining them is a new game.

Will you admit the truth and lose the one person you left to forfeit?

If you can’t get enough of Shannon Mayer, Jaymin Eve, and Laura Thalassa’s novels, or just some paranormal romance, go into this supernatural game and get ready to win it all or lose it all.

Sexual scenes, language and violence are found in this novel.