5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

What if you find real monsters in the woods behind your parents’ farm where you’ve just moved?

For sixteen-year-old Fynn Bowyer, adventure belongs on a screen, and he belongs in front of that screen. When his parents take the plunge to open a bed-and-breakfast on a relative’s farmland, Fynn is thrown into a world off the grid. If living on a farm wasn’t bad enough for the teen, the rundown building has no power, and—worst of all—no internet.

Soon enough all of Fynn’s problems are forgotten when he and his younger brother Farrell venture into the woods to find some very unlikely creatures.

The mysteries of the woods pile up as the two heroes race against time to stop the inevitable. It’s not until their cousin Zoe joins the mix that the adults begin taking the monster story seriously.

Will Fynn, Farrell, and Zoe be able to stop these creatures from taking over? Join the trio as they draw up plans, build weapons, and try to protect their parent’s farm and investment from what lurks in the woods, before it’s too late.